Die Grinder Cutting Wheels

Tricraft Die Grinder Cutting Wheels & Discs , Type 1 , use with Die Grinder, 3" & 4" , 80M/S .Application :General Steel , Stainless steel , Inox , working in hard-to-reach areas or in close quarters.



Die Grinder Cutting Wheels

Tricraft Die Grinder Cutting Discs , Type 1 , use with Die Grinder, 3″ & 4″ , 80M/S .

Application :General Steel , Stainless steel , Inox , working in hard-to-reach areas or in close quarters.


high-speed cut-off wheel with aluminum oxide grain. Hard bond for aggressive cutting on rough applications.

Specifically designed for cutting of stainless steel

Fast, smooth cool cutting,Extremely long life

Minimal burr and virtually vibration free

Iron, sulfur and chlorine < 0.1%

DimensionsDimensionsSpec.Item NO.ApplicationRPM
InchesmmTYPE 1
2×3/64×1/450×1.0x6SA 60 TBFST50106SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel30,000
2×3/64×3/850×1.0x9.5SA 60 TBFST50109SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel30,000
2×1/16×1/450×1.6×6SA 60 TBFST50166SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel30,000
2×1/16×3/850×1.6×9.5SA 60 TBFST50169SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel30,000
3×3/64×1/475×1.0x6SA 60 TBFST75106SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel25,000
3×3/64×3/875×1.0x9.5SA 60 TBFST75109SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel25,000
3×1/16×1/475×1.6×6SA 60 TBFST75166SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel25,000
3×1/16×3/875×1.6×9.5SA 60 TBFST75169SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel25,000
4×3/64×3/8100×1.0x9.5SA 60 TBFST100109SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel19,000
4×3/64×5/8100×1.0x16SA 60 TBFST100161SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel19,000
4×1/16×3/8100×1.6×9.5SA 60 TBFST100169SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel19,000
4×1/16×5/8100×1.6×16SA 60 TBFST100161SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel19,000

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