SG Ceramic Cut Off Wheels

Tricraft Tricraft SG Ceramic Cut Off Wheels ,Use With Angle Grinder , Size: 4" To 9" , Type 1 and Type 27 ,Application : Inox , stainless steel , same quality as 3M GreenCorps



Tricraft SG Ceramic Cut Off Wheels

angle grinder





Features :

Tricraft Ceramic SG Cutting Wheels are produced by High Rate Ceramic Aluminum , top quality of our products line , Ceramic Aluminum give the wheel a top fast cutting and long lasting on stainless steel and other metals , those wheels produced for the users that who care about the work efficiency ,save the work time , and want a very clear cutting surface on the work piece .

Samples are available , you can ask for the samples and test compare the other brands such like Pferd, 3M .

DimensionsSpec.Item NO.ApplicationR.P.M.
InchesmmTYPE 1 & TYPE 27
4×3/64×5/8105×1.0x16SG 46 TBFST1051SGStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel15,300
41/2×3/64×7/8115×1.0x22.23SG 46 TBFST11510SGStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel13,300
5×3/64×7/8125×1.0x22.23SG 46 TBFST12510SGStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel12,250
6×1/16×7/8150×1.6×22.23SG 46 TBFST15016SGStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel10,200
7×1/16×7/8180×1.6×22.23SG 46 TBFST18016SGStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel8,500
9×5/64×7/8230×1.9×22.23SG 46 TBFST23019SGStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel6,650

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