Ultra Thin Cutting Discs For Inox

Tricraft Ultra Thin Cutting Wheel & Discs for Inox and Stainless Steel , Type 1 and Type 27 ,fastest cutting, longest lasting thin wheels.Iron, sulfur and chlorine < 0.1% .



Ultra Thin Cutting Discs For Inox

Tricraft  Ultra Thin Cutting Wheel & Discs for Inox and Stainless Steel  , Type 1 and Type 27 , use with Angle Grinder, 4″ to 9″ , 80M/S .

Contaminant-free: Fe-S-Cl≤0.1%

angle grinder






1.Excellent Quality, Stands Up To/Surpasses Similar Products From Major International Labels in Testing

2.Use on ALL ferrous/non-ferrous metals.

3. Mixed with Special Aluminum Oxide and Zirconia abrasives, imported resin ,offer the fastest longest lasting cutting on all steel and INOX .

4.Double reinforced with fiberglass layers to provide ultimate safety in a thin cutting wheel.

5.Without black papers on both size,get better cutting speed and cutting feeling.

6.Appearance of the wheels are clean and neat.

7.Fast cutting speed, you can use a smaller current to cut the materials, lighten the burden of operating, high efficiency

8.This Wheel is very thin, the cutting knife-edge is narrow, high utilization rate of steel .

9.Cutting dust is very few, get a good working environment .

10. Manufactured in accordance with German MPA Standards .

11.Iron, sulfur and chlorine < 0.1% .

DimensionsSpec.Item NO.ApplicationR.P.M.
InchesmmTYPE 1 & TYPE 27
4×3/64×5/8105×1.0x16SA 46 TBFST1051SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel15,300
4×1/16×5/8105×1.6×16SA 46 TBFST10516SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel15,300
4×5/64×5/8105×2.0x16SA 46 TBFST10520SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel15,300
41/2×3/64×7/8115×1.0x22.23SA 46 TBFST11510SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel13,300
41/2×1/16×7/8115×1.6×22.23SA 46 TBFST11516SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel13,300
41/2×5/64×7/8115×2.0x22.23SA 46 TBFST11520SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel13,300
5×3/64×7/8125×1.0x22.23SA 46 TBFST12510SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel12,250
5×1/16×7/8125×1.6×22.23SA 46 TBFST12516SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel12,250
5×5/64×7/8125×2.0x22.23SA 46 TBFST12520SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel12,250
6×1/16×7/8150×1.6×22.23SA 46 TBFST15016SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel10,200
6×5/64×7/8150×2.0x22.23SA 46 TBFST15020SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel10,200
7×1/16×7/8180×1.6×22.23SA 46 TBFST18016SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel8,500
7×5/64×7/8180×2.0x22.23SA 46 TBFST18020SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel8,500
9×5/64×7/8230×1.9×22.23SA 46 TBFST23019SAStainless Steel ,Inox ,Steel6,650

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