Resin Bonded Abraisves

Precision Cutting Wheels

High-precision cutting wheels & Discs, non-reinforced , resin bonded . Use with Precision Abrasive Cutter . Used for precise and deformation-free cutting of “Metals, Ceramics, Electronic Components, Crystals, Composites, Biomaterials, Sintered Carbides, Minerals, etc.

Die Grinder Cutting Wheels

Tricraft Die Grinder Cutting Wheels & Discs , Type 1 , use with Die Grinder, 3" & 4" , 80M/S .Application :General Steel , Stainless steel , Inox , working in hard-to-reach areas or in close quarters.

Grinding Wheels with 5/8-11 HUB

Type 27 (w/ 5/8-11 female hub) aluminum oxide depressed center grinding wheels, rapid stock removal and longer wheel life

Flexible Grinding Wheels

TYPE 27 Flexible Grinding Wheels & Discs For Steel, Stainless Steel (INOX) & Stone, Tricraft China

Chop Saw Cut Off Wheels

Tricraft Chop Saw Cut Off Wheels , Type 1 , Used on low-power, light-weight cutoff saws , 12" & 16" , 80M/S .For general purpose metal and steel and applications – structural steel cross sections, pipes, and tubing.

Cut Off Wheels For Gas Saw

Tricraft Gas Saw Cut Off Wheels & Blades , Type 1 , Used on high speed portable or gas saws , 12" & 14" , Three fiberglass nets reinforced , 100M/S .A - Aluminium Oxide For cutting steel and all ferrous metals.C - Silicon Carbide For cutting stone, concrete, and brick.

Stud Saw Cut Off Wheels

Tricraft Stationary Saw Cut Off Wheels , Type 1 , Used on Stud cutoff saws , 12" to 16" , 80M/S .A - Aluminium Oxide For cutting structural steel, bar stock, tubing, and ferrous metals.C - Silicon Carbide For cutting masonry, concrete, stone, and non-ferrous metals.

1-1/2 inch Cut Off Wheels

Equivalent Dremel 456 and Ez Lock 1-1/2" cutting wheels , can be used with Dremel ,Bosch or other brands Rotary Tools , better quality than the famous brands wheels .

Dental Separating Discs

Diameter 22mm to 38mm, Strong and durable, formulated with pure aluminum oxide abrasive , Very fast cutting , longest-lasting separating discs for dental alloy and ceramics in dental laboratory