Precision Cutting

Precision Cutting Wheels

High-precision cutting wheels & Discs, non-reinforced , resin bonded . Use with Precision Abrasive Cutter . Used for precise and deformation-free cutting of “Metals, Ceramics, Electronic Components, Crystals, Composites, Biomaterials, Sintered Carbides, Minerals, etc.

Dental Separating Discs

Diameter 22mm to 38mm, Strong and durable, formulated with pure aluminum oxide abrasive , Very fast cutting , longest-lasting separating discs for dental alloy and ceramics in dental laboratory

Brake Cable Cut Off Wheels

Brake Cable Cut Off Wheels ,Application:brake cable , control line , auto industry ,lasso , Power Tools :Auto Production Cutter , Shape : Type 1 ,Non-reinforced

Metallographic Cutting Wheels

Metallography Cutting wheels for Metallographic analysis and high hardness metal cutting, samples preparation for Spectroscopy , , Suit for Struers , Buehler,Presi,Metkon Abrasives cutter machine.

Core Cutting Wheels

Application: amorphous magnetic cores & nano-crystalline cores, This type cut off wheel can cut the follow :Amorphous core,permalloy bead,Nano-crystalline core,Silicon steel sheet core,mutual inductor

Special industry Cutting Wheels

Application: Corrugated roller, fauntin pen nib,stainless steel tube,screw,carbon brush,mandril,guide rail ,Non-Reinforced Cutting Wheels for precision purpose .

Small Precision slotting wheels

Small Precision slotting wheels ,Application: Application: slots in various materials,Precision Abrasive Cutter ,Shape : Type 1 , Non-Reinforced